As custodians of vineyards spread across Australia, our team commitment to sustainability begins with caring and improving. The health of our soil and our promise to achieve long term sustainability extends to all facets of our business. Every team member from our vineyard workers to our executive team plays an individual role in taking care of the environment. We actively review our value chain and constantly implement new sustainable initiatives to evolve with changing regulations, or opportunities we find in the business. 

Our Vineyards

We are transitioning all our Handpicked vineyards to organic certification. Our viticultural and winemaking teams place paramount importance on the health and vitality of the land to optimise biodiversity, natural and organic practices.

DMG – through its ownership of Handpicked Wines and House of Arras – is also a member of Sustainable Wine Growing Australia. Being part of the program means our sustainability targets follow industry benchmarking guidelines and standards. Giving back to the soil is our priority, and some of our practices include (but are not limited to) seeding cover crops designed to improve soil fertility and health, integrated pest management, making our own compost, brewing compost tea, and the creation of insectariums.

What Are We Doing?

Our Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification and membership provides us with a tool to track and measure our sustainable ways of working. This programme is based on a philosophy of continual improvement. In addition, we work with suppliers committed to sustainable practices and a healthy working environment. We believe that these values are ultimately reflected in the quality of our wines and spirits.


We prioritise using recycled materials and environmentally friendly printing on our packaging. We have recently reviewed and updated our packaging to reflect this commitment transitioning our cartons to 100% recyclable materials which uses biodegradable inks and varnishes. 

Our bottles comprise recycling-friendly colours like antique green, or flint. DMG Group has transitioned to lighter glass bottles and reduced packaging in our value chain. By reduced the weight of our raw materials, we are saving our resources and therefore improving our environment. 

We also follow the Australian Packaging Covenant guidelines that are designed to improve sustainability throughout the packaging process.

Handpicked Wines Urban Cellar Doors – Melbourne & Sydney

Our retail stores aim to continually provide our visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience. The staff minimise wastage, whether it’s packaging your online order or serving you in-store. We choose to partner with other brands that are like-minded and source their products sustainably.  

We want to reward our customer’s loyalty with thoughtful gifting, and we show this by designing creative gifts like our reusable wine glasses and seasonal gift packaging. For our ecommerce and FAB customers, we prioritise the most sustainable logistics partners to deliver your order safely to your doorstep.

DMG is committed to a sustainable future and will continue to evaluate and improve its ways of working throughout the value chain.