FAB is an on-line Direct-to-Consumer platform for selling our portfolio of organic and sustainably produced wines, spirits, and alcoholic beverages from around the world. FAB means ‘Flesh and Blood’. This relates to how artisan producers imagine and craft their products. Their family bonds, stories, and commitment to making high quality drinks are in their bloodlines and handed down from generation to generation.

Our team of experts have searched the world for the best in craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality.  Our exclusive portfolio comprises small artisan producers that represent the heart and soul of the wine community and beyond. Customers can order on-line a vast range of drinks including organic craft spirits from all corners of the globe to a remarkable list of classic wines of all types and origins, including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

FAB also offers special bottlings of beer, cider, and Japanese Sake for the discerning customer.  All our products represent the best in sustainability and are delivered to our customers using the most eco-friendly logistics possible. Join our ‘Drink Fab’ movement and you will embark on a wonderful world of discovery.